A newly opened restaurant in Kanjiramkolam Trivandrum Kerela is seeking a restaurant manager with the below responsibilities.

Coordinate daily Front of the House restaurant operations
Deliver superior service and maximize customer satisfaction
Respond efficiently and accurately to customer complaints
Regularly review product quality and production of restaurant
Appraise staff performance and provide feedback to improve productivity
Estimate future needs for goods, Bar utensils, and cleaning products
Ensure compliance with sanitation and safety regulations
Manage restaurant’s good image and suggest ways to improve it
Control operational costs and identify measures to cut waste
Create detailed reports on weekly, monthly and annual revenues and expenses
Manage daily, weekly delivery/ takeaway orders through emails, various communication as per the client requirements
Manage events/ catering business beside floor operations
Promote the brand in the local community through…

DYN Video - Massive swarm of locusts looks like hell on Earth

The year 2016 was pretty bad, but hey, it's 2017 now and we have a swarm of locusts invading the Earth. Everything is fine.
The clip at the top of this post was filmed in the East Kazakhstan region on Wednesday, and shows a vehicle driving into a swarm of countless locusts. During a second incident in another location in southern Russia, a truck driver traveling along a highway in the republic of Dagestan captured a gray cloud slowly approaching the vehicle. When the cloud gets closer, as seen in the video below, it becomes clear that it's not a dust storm, but a sea of swarming locusts.

While it may seem like a plague is upon us, swarms of millions of locusts invading areas in southern Russia is actually not that uncommon. 
According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food for the Republic of Dagestan, the swarm affected114,500 hectares of farmland, despite attempts to stop the swarms through fumigation. Last month, the agency declared a state of emergency when a massive swa…

DYN Video - Do not ever try to waterslide like this

Extreme dude and pro skier Benjamin Forthun is no stranger to putting himself in danger in order to pump his veins full of adrenaline, but his latest stunt is next level. 
Because a normal waterslide just wasn't enough, Forthun decided to drop in on the metal slide from at least 10 feet above. Careful, this will definitely make your palms sweat.   

DYN Video - This video of a man polishing a rusty knife honestly deserves to rule the internet

The #1 video on YouTube right now is "Polishing a Rusty Knife," uploaded by Japanese YouTuber Jun on Monday. I'll cut right to it — this is a great video, and it deserves this honor. 
First of all, the narrative arc here is extremely satisfying. As Jun explains, he purchased the rusty knife for $3 — far more than it was worth in its dilapidated condition. So, to get the best of the dude who ripped him off, he painstakingly buffs and sharpens it to perfection. It's a beautiful revenge story! Wow. But the wonders don't stop there. After Jun finishes polishing the knife, he demonstrates its newfound powers by finely chopping a bunch of vegetables — and he's clearly an expert in the kitchen. Now we have two satisfying videos in one! Wow. Finally — and a lot of Redditors have already pointed this out — Jun's adorable orange cat (who almost looks thrilled by the knife-polishing journey) really elevates the video into "classic" territory. But, friends…

DYN Video - Man Unearths Ancient Two-Ton Mystery, Stumping Police And Archaeologists

A mystery ...

Indeed, it was no joke. The discovery of this ancient fossil provided paleontologists with one of the most well-preserved specimens of this lost species. It has also allowed them to further study the link between these giants, and their modern day ancestor, the armadillo.

Click to watch video...

DYN Video - 'Forest Bathing': How steeping yourself in nature could help with stress

Forest bathing is a new health activity where instead of actively participating in nature, such as hiking or swimming, the person immerses herself in nature and tries to take in the environment. 

On first glance, it looked like a two-hour walk in the woods. Our guide had already tackled the hard part of finding a trail with minimal elevation gain and limited poison oak along its flanks. This wasn’t a hike, we were reminded. A hike usually involved clear endpoints and physical exertion. We were invited to walk slower than usual, perhaps a quarter of our normal speed. To pay attention to the different shades of green we encountered, the snapping of twigs beneath our feet, the sudden vaulting of winged life—nothing was ornamental.  Everything was in its right place, including us. The forest bathers and I had come to the woods in search of peace.  All of us were to be present, focused solely on the moment. Our immersion in the natural world would act not only as a balm to everyday stresses…

DYN Video - Finally, a tablet that folds up into a phone that fits in your pocket

Lenovo is back at blowing minds again with another concept device with a bendable screen.  At the third annual Lenovo Tech World last week, the Chinese tech giant wowed attendees with the Lenovo Folio, a tablet with a screen that folds in half into a phone. Before you start getting too excited, you should know that the Folio is a concept device, which means it may not be released as a consumer product anytime soon. Even so, that doesn't make the device any less impressive. The tablet has a 7.8-inch screen with 1,920 x 1,440 resolution, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, and runs Android 7.0 Nougat. It's not exactly peak performance in 2017, but that's not why'd you want this thing — you'd want it for the bendable screen. When folded, the tablet shrinks down into a 5.5-inch phone that could fit into your pocket. As you can see in the demo videos above and below, the display folds neatly in half with pixels filling all the space where a hinge would normally. The U…