Securing An Establishment – Physical Access (Main Entrances)

   We will be talking about security of IT hardware, human access and other physical and logical access possibilities and their solutions.

   Door access can have many variations:
1.                 Biometric.
2.                Card.
3.                Pin code.

  For securing physical access to a building, the first path of entrance must be secured. This is the most easiest and 90% of time the intruder uses this access to infiltrate the premises. Depending on the complexity of information, the security must be implemented for e.g. if it’s a office that deals with engineering designs then they must at least have a finger print scanner or a PIN code entrance method.


  But if it’s a military base, the first level of security must be the security personals themselves, the checks must be done at the entrance of a car parking, the car parking must be at least 300m away from the main building and a passage that connects the parking and the entrance of the main building, the passage should have travelators as the travelator passage can me connected with sensors to detect arms and illegal items plus a ease of commuting.

  Once these are cleared, there must be a combination of security hardware implemented e.g. biometric eye scanner with a 6 digit PIN number, which will make security even tighter. This is just the entrance to the building, but in a secured building, things will not be secured unless each door is locked digitally and access is allowed via authentication, thus can provide access cards for all the inner doors which will help keep a log and not all personals in a building will be allowed in all areas.

  Of course we need CCTV cameras and will come back on this in later posts, the next post will be about Physical Access – Emergency Exits


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